Types of Licenses

Performance Licenses

To license Ms. Cathy Harrison's music for a performance, please contact ASCAP licensing at (800) 505-4052.   They are a one-stop shop.  Their representatives are very helpful and friendly.   Please contact us through the Contact Us tab on this website if you still have licensing questions after contacting ASCAP Licensing.  

Mechanical Licenses

To record a cover song of any of Ms. Cathy Harrison's original copyrighted music, please contact the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) at (212) 370-5330.       to purchase a mechanical license.  

Synchronization Licenses

To perform any of Ms. Cathy Harrison's songs on a television or radio show, please contact ASCAP Licensing to inquire about synchronization licensing, your one-stop shop.   ASCAP representatives are friendly and helpful.  Please contact Ms. Harrison via our website CONTACT page if you have any questions concerning synchronization licensing.