Ms. Harrison is planning to expand next year's Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem Concert at Neyland Library to include performances of her original songs by her Corpus Christi Guitar Gems guitar ensemble.


1.  What are the qualifications needed to become a member of the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems?

     Students will need to be able to play first position notes fluently to qualify for membership in the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems.

     Students will probably need to submit a video of themselves playing some of Ms. Harrison's original copyrighted pieces to be 

     considered for membership in the group.  Students who are school aged must show proof of excellent conduct grades in addition

     to an excellent guitar performance group to be considered for membership in the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems guitar ensemble.  


2.  How often are rehearsals for the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems?

Ms. Harrison is planning on weekly rehearsals.


3.  Where will rehearsals be held?

     Rehearsals will probably be held at Galilean Lutheran Church.


4.  Will each student need to provide his or her guitar?

      Yes, each student will be responsible for providing his or her guitar.


5.  What types of guitars are recommended?

     Ms. Harrison recommends classical guitars because of their ease of playing as well as their warm, resonant tones.


6.  Will students need to provide their own music?

     Students will need to purchase a packet of Ms. Harrison's original, copyrighted songs that she has arranged for 4-part guitar.

     Ms. Harrison is in the process of preparing music packets this spring.

7.  Is there a charge for Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem rehearsals?

     Yes.  Ms. Harrison charges $50.00/month/student  for rehearsals, which will help to reimburse her for the time it takes for her to arrange her         pieces for 4 guitars and to prepare for class.  Each student will be required to fill out a registration form for class.  Registration forms will be available online on April 1.  

8.  When will the Guitar Ensemble class begin?

     Classes are tentatively scheduled to begin the first week in June, 2019.

9. My child would like to be a member of the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems but does not possess the necessary guitar skills.

    Does Ms. Harrison offer guitar lessons or class for my child to attain those competencies?

    Yes, Ms. Harrison offers both individual and group beginning guitar  lessons.   Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in either 

    beginning individual or private guitar lessons.  Ms. Harrison uses the FJH Young Beginner/Everyone's Guitar Method, which is a note-reading 

    approach to guitar.  

10.  Will Ms. Harrison offer a group beginning guitar class this summer?

       Yes, if there is sufficient interest.  The class will probably be held at Galilean Lutheran Church.   Class times are to be determined.  

11.  Is membership in the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems for all ages?  

       Yes, from ages 9 and above with the qualifications listed above.

12.  Will members of the Guitar Gems need to wear a uniform?

       Members of the Guitar Gems will probably need to wear a specially-designed t-shirt for performances.  It would be similar to the t-shirts

       that members of the Corpus Christi Song Choir wear.  

13.  Are there any future performance plans for the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems besides next years Neyland Concert?

       Yes.  Ms. Harrison would like to take a well-seasoned group abroad on a Music Performance Tour.  She has maintained contact with a couple 

       of Tour Agencies that specialize in Music Performance Tours.  Students who are under 21 years of age would be required to be accompanied 

       by a parent or other authorized adult.  

12.  What if I have further questions about the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems or guitar lessons/classes?

        Please fill out the form below and Ms. Harrison will be back in touch with you in about a week.  She stays very busy teaching guitar, writing 

        new music, arranging her music, and preparing her piano students for annual Piano Guild Auditions.