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"Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem' Publicizing Update

"Corpus  Christi, You 're Our Gem", my original song about Corpus Christi, has enjoyed lots of publicity in the last 6 months!  Back on December 3, 2017, this song was performed by my fabulous Windsor Park Choral Group on the local Domingo Live TV show! 

Then, last month, on May 5, 2018, I was honored with the distinction of presenting my Corpus, You Are Our Gem Program at Neyland Public Library here in Corpus Christi!  The highlight of this program was the performance of "Corpus Christi, You 're Our Gem" by my Corpus Christi Song Choir.  Featured soloist was local vocalist, Dee Dee Jones, who sang alternating choruses in Spanish. 

A total of 10 of my original compositions were performed by either elementary age student pianists or vocalists or adult vocalists.  A big thank you to managing librarian, Michelle Balis, for inviting me to conduct my first annual "Corpus Christi, You 're Our Gem Program"!  Next year's program is in the works now and is tentatively being planned for March 2019!  We are considering a theme of Outdoors/Travelling as well as inviting local KRIS 6 weatherman and re-enactor, Mr. Maclovio Perez to re-enact the life of Col. Kinney, recognized as the founder of Corpus Christi.  To view photos of the "Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem Program", please visit the Neyland Library FB page at this link:

On May 8, I had the distinct privilege of pitching "Corpus Christi, You 're Our Gem" again to the Corpus Christi City Council.  Before my presentation, local vocalist Alyce Oblad sang the song so beautifully in the atrium of City Hall minutes before the City Council meeting began.  I presented my pitch during the Public Comment of the City Council meeting.  I plan to follow up with a formal presentation to the city council as part of the regular agenda this summer!

"Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem" received further recognition on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, thanks to Mr. Lon Gonzalez with the local PBS station KEDT radio division.  Lon was kind enough to interview me about my inspiration for writing the song as well as asking me if I was following the established norm or setting a new trend in pitching the song for consideration for adoption as the Official City Song of Corpus Christi.  To listen to the mp3 of the interview, please visit the Interview with KEDT page on this website!

My Song "Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem" is Pitched for the Official City Song!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017....a Memorable Day...My Song "Corpus Christi,  You 're Our Gem is Pitched for Official Corpus Christi City Song!

I am thrilled that RudyTejano Pena made local history today with his pitch of the above song to the Corpus Christi City Council!

When I think of a city adopting a new city song, I think of singers and instrumentalists making the printed notes and words on a 

piece of paper come alive!  I also think of the community coming together to help memorialize the song with an initial limited 

performance for the Mayor and City Council, plus a few key organizations.  Then I envision an Inaugural Celebration where

local singers and musicians perform the song for not only local citizens, but for mayors around the state and even the governor!

 Also, I envision the representatives of the city's sister cities around the world being invited to the celebration!!  Then, I imagine

local historical presentations via PowerPoint lecture as well as a musical, as well as a youth musical talent showcase, and fun

events such as a small carnival, silent auction, quilt contest, essay contest, and cookbook and recipe contests.  Finally, I

envision this Inaugural Celebration transitioning to an annual celebration where the local citizens can purchase a CD of the city

song as well as sing the new city song together so that they will know and remember it!


Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year to all of my students and friends!

Hope that all of you and your family have a Blessed, Prosperous, and Joyful New Year!

Musically Yours,

Ms. Cathy Harrison