Vol. 1-Cathy Harrison’s Sheet Music Showcase

 Cathy Harrison's Sheet Music Showcase-Volume 1 (Coming Summer 2021!)

This volume is rich with children's educational and fun  music, gorgeous piano solos/choral options, beautiful sacred pieces, unique Americana and Texas songs, as well as guitar solos and 4-part arrangements.  

Table of Contents

Asian Elegance, Blue Skies, Blue Star, Brand New Day, The Coronavirus Song, Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem, The Days of the Week, Friends, Friends Like You, Golden Triumph, I'd Like to Count the Stars Tonight, I'm Sailing in my Sailboat, It's a New Year!, Kitty Cat, Let's Go to the Market, The  Months of the Year, Moon, Moon, Mountainside Dance, Nostalgic Dream, Royal Fanfare, Shelter From the Wind, Song of the Nations, Song of Praise, Sunset Canyon (piano solo), Sunset Canyon (4-part guitar). Texas, O Texas, Tropical Sunset, We Go to School Everyday, We Love Animals in the Zoo, We're America.

Coming Soon!