Lesson Activities to Accompany The Traveling Song

FREE Lesson Activities for The Traveling Song ( Grades 5-8, suggested)

Materials Needed:

* The Traveling Song Music Score (preferably)

* The Traveling Song MP3

* The Traveling Song Lyric Sheet 

* Globe

* Internet access 
* Art materials such a construction paper, tag board, papier-mâché, crayons, colored pencils, 

pastels, markers, watercolors, acrylic paints, etc. 

* 1.  Teacher will distribute The Traveling Song music score to students 

2.  Teacher will play/have another person play the piano accompaniment

for The Traveling Song *   1.  Students 

follow along on their music scores. 

3. Accompaniment

for The Traveling Song will played again. 

4.  Students sing along in unison.  


* 5.   Students 

        are to locate and identify the capital cities in

each country. 

6. The students will identify the largest waterway that flows through each country.

7.   The students will identify the major agricultural products produced by each country listed in The Traveling Song). 
(Be sure to do online research). 

8.  The students will list the major methods of transportation used in each country mentioned in The Traveling Song). 

9.  The students will list the major industries of the countries listed in The Traveling Song.

10.  Students will 

give the location of each country mentioned in The Traveling Song, given in cardinal directions in relationship to the surrounding countries. 

11.  Students will, individually or in groups, create a collage, mural, etc. of a country mentioned in The Traveling Song. (Please research the country’s attributes in preparation for this activity). 

12.   Students will research and perform a solo or group dance from each country named in The Traveling Song. 

13.  Students will research and create a dish from a typical recipe from one of the countries listed in The Traveling Song and bring it to the Multi-Cultural Celebration. 




We’re America

We’re America 

Materials Needed:

* 1. Internet access
* 2.  We’re America music scores for each student

* 3. Music score for teacher and accompanist 

1. Teacher accesses www.cathyharrisonsmusic.com

2. Teacher plays the video of Gabriela Lopez singing Ms. Harrison’s original patriotic song, We’re America twice while the students listen.


3. Teacher plays the YouTube video  We’re America sung by Gabriela Lopez a couple more times. Students play close attention to the words that are being sung. 

1. Teacher distributes We’re America music scores to each student.

2.   Students follow the music score as the piano accompaniment is being played two times.

3. Students sing We’re America along with the accompaniment 
4.  Students discuss the following questions with each other:

a. What are 5 challenges that you have gone through as an American during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

b. What are 5 things that you have enjoyed about being an American over the past 5 years?  

c. Ask a student to define the meaning  of the term Golden 

d.  Make a list of 5 things (or situations) that you could apply The Golden Rule to. 

e. Students share their lists with other students.