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The Second Annual Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem Neyland Library Music Program showcases local Music Teacher/Composer Ms. Cathy Harrison's original upbeat, gorgeous copyrighted song "Corpus Christi, You're Our Gem" . The performance of this song is by the Corpus Christi Song Choir, which features both adult and students from the Corpus Christi area. Our featured vocalist for this song is Mr. Theo Woods, a vocal major at Texas A & M-Corpus Christi who has an amazing voice.

This 30-minute concert also features piano solos by Ms. Harrison, including "Midnight Skies", "Sunset Canyon", and "Shelter From the Wind". Additionally, this program features Ms. Harrison's anti-bullying song "Two of my Favorite Words", as well as the lullaby "Brand New Day", the vocal solo "Moon, Moon", as well as the patriotic vocal solo " Texas, O Texas", Please join us for a reception immediately following the concert.


KEDT PBS Local Radio Station Interview with Composer Cathy Harrison

In-home interview, Corpus Christi, TX

Local PBS Radio Station Host Lon Gonzalez interviews local composer of 'Corpus, You Are Our Gem' , Cathy Harrison. In the interview, Ms. Harrison said that she drew her inspiration to write the song due to the coastal beauty of Corpus Christi. She also said that her appreciation of the cultural diversity of Corpus Christi inspired her to write the song in 2010.

Ms. Harrison added that the song was recently performed publically at the Neyland Public Library, organized by Managing Librarian Michelle Balis.
Additionally, Ms. Harrison commented that she felt that she was expanding on the trend for U.S. cities to have an official city song. She noted that some U.S. cities have 2 or 3 city songs, with one being an official ballad, another one being an official rock song, with another one being an official anthem. She added that Memphis has over 1000 songs written about it or with the word 'Memphis' in the song title.


Spring 2018 Music Student Recital of Ms. Cathy Harrison

Galilean Lutheran Church, 3321 Cimarron Boulevard, Corpus Christi, TX

The piano and guitar students of Ms. Cathy Harrison cordially invite you to their Spring 2018 Music Student Recital at Galilean Lutheran Church, 3321 Cimarron Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX 78413. Performance time: 7:00 p.m. Reception follows the performance.


Corpus, You Are Our Gem Program features the live performance of 10 original musical compositions of local music composer/teacher Ms. Cathy Harrison. Performers include Ms. Harrison's elementary age students as well as her adult colleagues and friends.
The featured selection is Ms. Harrison's original piece, 'Corpus, You Are Our Gem', performed by the Corpus Christi Song Choir. Featured soloist, local resident, Dee Dee Jones, sings alternate verses of the song in Spanish.
'Corpus, You Are Our Gem' will be pitched by Ms. Harrison to City Council on Tuesday, May 8, during the Public Comment section of the meeting. Local soloist Alyce Oblad will sing 'Corpus, You Are Our Gem' in the atrium of City Hall a few moments before the City Council Meeting begin in the Council Chambers. Plans are being made to pitch the song during the regular meeting agenda with local resident Mr. Ted Humphrey, who is the parent of Ms. Harrison's guitar student, Hailey Humphrey, as the featured vocalist.


Domingo Live Performance of "Corpus, You Are Our Gem"

KIII TV Studio, South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, TX

Members of the Windsor Park Elementary Chorus and vocalist Dee Dee Jones perform Ms. Cathy Harrison's original song, "Corpus, You Are Our Gem" on Domingo Live TV Show.


Corpus Christi Music Teacher's Association Student Recital

Di Bros Piano Company, Baldwin Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX

Honors Piano Students of various teacher members of the Corpus Christi Music Teachers Association Present a Mary Loving Student Affiliate Recital. Student Judy Koch plays Ms. Cathy Harrison's beautiful piano solo piece "Midnight (Moonlit) Skies. The sheet music is available for purchase on this website.


Leave Corpus Christi Saturday morning; eat lunch and then visit luthier (guitar-maker) Neil Peterson at Peterson Acoustics in Bandera; visit, shop, and possibly eat supper in Fredericksburg; check into hotel in Mason. Sunday morning-dig for blue topaz at Bar M Ranch outside of Mason. Eat lunch in Mason, and then return to Corpus Christi. (Detailed trip information will be distributed to music students who express an interest in participating in the trip.)

Spring 2020 Virtual Music Recital


Quinn Perry (piano)                 Bingo

Marlo Guerra (piano)               The Zoo




Emma            (guitar)   Hot Cross Buns 

                                     Twinkle, Twinkle,

                                      Little Star

Ana Cardenas (guitar)    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little


                                       Happy Birthday to You




Sean Sebastien (piano) Go Tell Aunt Rhodie

                                       Ode to Joy


Brayson Preece (guitar) 


Eliot Perry (guitar)         Pachebel’s Canon

                                      Dance of the Rainmaker

                                       Long, Long Ago

                                       Renaissance Pavanne


Hailey Humphrey(guitar)Italian Air

                                       Native America 

                                       Serenade for Guitar


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