Corpus, You Are Our Gem Program features the live performance of 10 original musical compositions of local music composer/teacher Ms. Cathy Harrison. Performers include Ms. Harrison's elementary age students as well as her adult colleagues and friends.
The featured selection is Ms. Harrison's original piece, 'Corpus, You Are Our Gem', performed by the Corpus Christi Song Choir. Featured soloist, local resident, Dee Dee Jones, sings alternate verses of the song in Spanish.
'Corpus, You Are Our Gem' will be pitched by Ms. Harrison to City Council on Tuesday, May 8, during the Public Comment section of the meeting. Local soloist Alyce Oblad will sing 'Corpus, You Are Our Gem' in the atrium of City Hall a few moments before the City Council Meeting begin in the Council Chambers. Plans are being made to pitch the song during the regular meeting agenda with local resident Mr. Ted Humphrey, who is the parent of Ms. Harrison's guitar student, Hailey Humphrey, as the featured vocalist.