Ms. Harrison is currently enrolling students for group guitar lessons this summer at Galilean Lutheran Church.   The guitar class

will emphasize note-reading in first position.Please contact Ms. Harrison via the online form for more details.  Tuition is $50.00/mo.

for a weekly group lesson per student.  

Students in this class may become eligible for membership in the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems guitar ensemble, which

will play Ms. Harrison's original compositions  in 4-part harmony.   Eligibility for membership will be determined by an audition.  

Membership in the Corpus Christi Guitar Gems is free.

Private guitar lessons are also available at $120.00/mo. for a weekly 30 minute private lesson.  Ms. Harrison travels to student homes 

for private lessons.  Ms. Harrison travels to limited locations in Corpus Christi.  Please fill out the online form for more details.