Cathy Harrison's TV Show
Ms. Cathy has produced her own local television show, "Cathy Harrison's Musical Showcase", since 2010.    The program, which currently airs on Cable Channel 10 on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm, regularly features Ms. Harrison performing her own songs to her guitar accompaniment.    Periodically, Ms. Harrison has invited her local music students as well as music colleagues a guest performers on the program.  

Ms. Harrison's music on the TV show features mainly her children's songs, in addition to her sacred, Americana, and guitar and piano instrumentals.    She was honored with the special opportunity of  having one of her music colleague guests on the show perform his amazing Mexican ballads and instrumentals a few years ago.  

If any of Ms. Harrison's website guests or their friends are interested in the possibility of appearing as a guest on "Cathy Harrison's Musical Showcase". please contact Ms. Harrison via the site Contact Form.

Musical works performed on the TV show must be original works, preferably those that have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and have accordingly been assigned a unique registration number.  For more information about Copyright Requirements  for musical works performed on the show, please contact Ms. Harrison via the site Contact Form.