KEDT PBS Local Radio Station Interview with Composer Cathy Harrison

In-home interview, Corpus Christi, TX

Local PBS Radio Station Host Lon Gonzalez interviews local composer of 'Corpus, You Are Our Gem' , Cathy Harrison. In the interview, Ms. Harrison said that she drew her inspiration to write the song due to the coastal beauty of Corpus Christi. She also said that her appreciation of the cultural diversity of Corpus Christi inspired her to write the song in 2010.

Ms. Harrison added that the song was recently performed publically at the Neyland Public Library, organized by Managing Librarian Michelle Balis.
Additionally, Ms. Harrison commented that she felt that she was expanding on the trend for U.S. cities to have an official city song. She noted that some U.S. cities have 2 or 3 city songs, with one being an official ballad, another one being an official rock song, with another one being an official anthem. She added that Memphis has over 1000 songs written about it or with the word 'Memphis' in the song title.