1. Brand New Day

From the recording Brand New Day

Brand New Day, composed by Corpus Christi, Texas composer Cathy Harrison, is a gorgeous and gentle lullaby. The vocalist is Joslin Granados, from Corpus Christi, Texas; the pianist is Kyle Threatt; rhythm guitarists are Jurek Nowicki and Jan Nowicki; sound engineer/producer is Jan Nowicki.


Verse 1: Outside Mr. Sun is setting, he's going to bed,
Doggies and kitties all are sleeping,
They must lay down their heads,
Tomorrow is a Brand New Day!

Verse 2: Next door your sister's sleeping,
She's had an exciting day!
But she knows that she must rest
So that she'll be set to play!
Tomorrow is a Brand New Day!

Verse 3: So close your eyes, our special angel.
We'll sing you to sleep.
Always know your parents love you,
You are ours to keep.
Tomorrow is a Brand New Day!
We'll play and play,
play all day,
It's a Brand New Day!